Bargain Beef Bundles

Increase Sales With Bulk Beef Collections

Consumers make bulk purchases to get the most value when buying meat – giving you an increased opportunity to feature beef bundles to encourage bulk beef purchases.

Buying beef in bulk is a cost-effective way to create many different meals from higher quality beef at a lower cost.

The Bargain Beef Bundles program offers the savings and variety shoppers demand by bundling multiple beef cuts suitable for all types of meals and all different budgets.

Here are examples of bundles that perform well with shoppers:

The 42-Pound Bundle

6 - 8oz Ribeye Steaks Boneless
3 – 3lb Chuck Roast
4 – 12oz T-Bone Steaks
6 – 1lb Packaged Cubed Steaks
20 – 1lb Package Ground Beef

The 60-Pound Bundle

8 - 8oz Ribeye Steaks Boneless
4 – 4lb Chuck Roast
6 – 12oz T-Bone Steaks
10 – 1lb Packaged Cubed Steaks
25 – 1lb Package Ground Beef

The 10-Pound Steak Bundle

8 – 8oz Ribeye Steaks
6 – 6oz Top Sirloin Steaks
6 – Flat Iron Steaks

The 20-Pound Economy Bundle

8lbs Ground Chuck
4lbs Top Round Roast
4lbs Stew Meat
8 – 6oz Top Sirloin Steak

Beef It’s What’s for Dinner Bundle

2lbs Tri Tip Steaks
3lbs Flat Iron Steaks
4 – 8oz Tenderloin Steaks
6lbs Beef Back Ribs (center cut)
2lbs Top Sirloin Steak
2lbs Beef Brats


Cattlemen’s Choice Pack

2 – 8oz Top Loin Filet
2 – 8oz Sirloin Filets
2 – 8oz Ribeyes
2 – 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks
2 – 6oz Chopped Sirloin
4 – 1/4lb Lean Patties
2 – 1lb pkgs Fondue/Kabob Meat


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