Beef Flavor Research

Consumer Insights on Beef Preparation and Taste Preferences

Since 2002, The Beef Checkoff has conducted Beef Flavor Research to stay abreast of the cooking methods and flavors consumers are using most in beef preparation. Now in its third iteration, this survey revealed insights on the types of meals most commonly prepared and general food attitudes that better enable the checkoff and retailers to develop beef recipes that appeal to shoppers’ preferences.

Preparation Methods & Ingredients

  • Compared to previous years, more respondents say they enjoy cooking and have an increased interest in trying new foods. 
  • Consumers are seeking out new recipes more than ever before.
  • Beef preparation preferences variy by beef cut. Consumers prefer: steaks grilled outdoors, ground beef burgers prepared on an outdoor grill, sliced or cubed beef cooked with onions, peppers or other vegetables (such as fajitas or stir fry); and, roasts prepared in the oven, on the stovetop or in a crockpot.
  • Respondents report liking accompanying flavors, sauces and spices at higher levels than in previous years.

Favorite Cuisine Types

  • American or local cuisine tops the list as most preferred cuisine type, followed by Italian and Mexican. 
  • Interest in cuisines such as Vietnamese and Japanese have increased as well, supporting the idea that respondents are more food savvy and adventurous than they have been in previous years.

Dining & Purchasing Habits

  • More people are cooking/ordering their steaks between medium and medium-rare and burgers at above 160 degrees, which makes for an optimal beef-eating experience.
  • Consumers are eating beef in 2012 at the same frequency as previous years, but may be consuming more ground beef than steaks.
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