2015 Consumer Beef Index 

Eight Years of Data Informs on Key Trends

The Beef Checkoff has conducted the Consumer Beef Index (CBI) semi-annually since 2007 to track consumer perceptions of beef and identify beef consumption trends.

Following are key insights from the most recent report.

Consumers eat beef regularly

  • 91 percent of consumers eat beef monthly.
  • 35 percent of consumers eat beef 3 or more times a week (this is up from 31 percent in a similar time period in 2014.

Consumers say beef is “worth it”

  • About half (46%) of consumers say steak at the grocery store is “expensive but worth it,” 27% says its price is just about right.
  • 73% of consumers say steaks in retail are priced just about right, or “expensive but worth it.” 

Beef perception is positive

  • An overwhelming majority of Americans (77 percent) agree that the positives of beef outweigh the negatives, up from 74 percent who felt this way in 2014.

And they are planning to consume more beef

  • 85 percent of consumers plan to eat the same or more beef in the future.
    • 18 percent of Americans plan to eat more beef.
  • Of the 18% percent of Americans who say they plan to consume more beef, the primary reason is that they prefer the taste of beef. Other top reasons: beef fits many meal occasions, it’s a family favorite and it's easy and convenient. 
  • The reasons consumers may consume less beef in the future are not necessarily tied to price. Instead, health is the main concern. 



  • A nationally representative sample of 1,050 consumers between the ages of 13 and 68 — balanced demographically for census profile distributions of gender, age, ethnicity, region and child presence.
  • Participants were screened to exclude those who do not influence household grocery shopping, meal preparation or selection of restaurant food choices.

Source: All statistics and information are from the Consumer Beef Index (CBI), March 2015, funded by The Beef Checkoff.

Funded by The Beef Checkoff
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