Easy Fresh Cooking®

Informational labels take the guesswork out of the meat case

Make shopping easier for your customers and create a profitable meat case with the Easy Fresh Cooking® program. Easy Fresh Cooking labels provide recipe, cookery and safe handling information in one convenient sticker for on-pack display on fresh beef products. The labels are proven to build consumer confidence in purchasing a wider variety of beef cuts.

  • 72% of shoppers have bought an item because of on-pack marketing, and 
  • 46% more likely to purchase new or different cuts as a result.

Easy Fresh Cooking takes the guess work out of the meat case for your customers and your associates, making beef easier to shop for and easier to stock. More than 10,000 stores nationwide use the program or a similar customized version.

Follow these four steps, proven to drive meat department sales and build consumer confidence in beef:

  1. Order Easy Fresh Cooking® program elements to take the guesswork out of the meat case for your customers.
  2. Arrange your meat case by cooking method, offering a more customer-friendly approach.
  3. Utilize the display tools provided to give your shoppers a better overall meat case experience with support for nine cooking method categories.
  4. Incorporate on-pack labels that include suggested cooking methods, recipe ideas and safe handling information.

Why you should implement Easy Fresh Cooking today

  • Assists your associates in organizing the meat case
  • Makes shopping the meat case easier and increases your shoppers’ satisfaction
  • Draws attention to beef packages and spurs impulse sales of beef
  • On-pack recipes create add-on purchases of other ingredients

Contact our Account Development Team to implement Easy Fresh Cooking in your store.

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