How Consumers Perceive Ground Beef

A first-of-its-kind research study looked at how consumers buy and consume ground beef. Review the findings below to understand the factors that go into consumers’ purchase decisions.

What factors impact consumer selection of ground beef?

• When shoppers look to purchase ground beef for hamburgers or other ground beef meals such as tacos, spaghetti, or casseroles, freshness is the key factor that influences their purchase. They’re looking particularly at the color of the meat and the date code on the package.

• Right behind freshness, price per pound and leanness are the next two factors that most influence purchase decisions. With a year-round low average price, cost-conscious shoppers are often drawn to ground beef over other options in the meat case.

• After freshness and price, the third most influential factor is leanness. Be sure to stock a variety of types, from 70% to 94% lean.

How are shoppers influenced by the ground beef eating experience?

Wide appeal is an important factor in shoppers’ purchase decision hamburgers and ground beef meals. Here’s how shoppers associate ground beef with an overall positive eating experience:

1. It’s prepared the way you want it
2. It has great taste
3. It’s provides a juicy, pleasurable eating experience
4. It appeals to the whole family
5. It's (burgers) a great choice when getting together with family or friends
5. It’s a starting point for a lot of great meals (for ground beef meals)

How do consumers feel about ground beef as compared to ground turkey?

Ground beef beats ground turkey decisively on taste, versitility, kid-friendliness and price.


What emotional factors influence ground beef purchases?

Ground beef is a go-to ingredient for many consumers, and often their purchases are based simply on preference or emotional associations with ground beef. Below are the top emotional responses that show how shoppers see hamburgers and ground beef meals.

Top 4 for Ground Beef Meals   Top 4 for Burgers
1. My family loves ground beef meals   1. I love hamburgers
2. I love ground beef meals      2. My family loves hamburgers
3. Ground beef meals are a staple in my household    3. Hamburgers are comfort food
4. Ground beef meals are comfort food   4. Burgers bring back fond memories


Source: Ground Beef Answers, funded by the Beef Checkoff, March 2014.

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