Hispanic Marketing

Reach out to your Hispanic shoppers by utilizing targeted marketing elements proven to increase beef sales

Hispanics are now the largest ethnic group in the nation, at 50.5 million consumers and growing. Surveys predict this demographic will spend more than $1.2 trillion in 2012, a significant part of which will be on beef. Bring that purchasing power to your meat department by catering to the Hispanic market and to their love of beef. Get started with these research-driven insights

Why target Hispanics with beef promotions?
How do I reach my Hispanic shoppers?
What cuts are preferred by this group?
What resources will help me reach Hispanic shoppers?
What are the potential benefits?
How have other retailers successfully marketed to this demographic?

The King of la Cocina

Study data shows that beef is king in Hispanic kitchens.

  • 72% percent of Hispanics say that a store’s meat department is a powerful motivator in selecting a retailer.
  • Hispanics consume 12% to 13% of all beef sold.
  • Hispanics eat beef more than twice as often as the average consumer.
  • Eighty-six percent of Hispanics consume 4 to 5 beef meals per week, compared to 2 to 3 for the general population.
  • Hispanics visit grocery stores three times more often than the general population, and spend 42% more on beef while there.
  • Two thirds of Hispanics purchase from a butcher at least once a month, while three fourths also buy from the pre-packaged meat case in the supermarket.

Speaking Their Language

The Beef Checkoff conducted extensive research of Hispanic shoppers and meat cutters, revealing what motivates these avid beef consumers. These tactics are proven to maximize your sales and build loyalty among Hispanic shoppers:

  • Display bilingual signage, labels and recipes.
  • Create a Hispanic section in your meat case; merchandise and display highly-demanded cuts.
  • Provide expiration dates and “USDA Inspected” stamps on beef packages to meet Hispanics’ demand for freshness.
  • Marinate flank or skirt steak for carne ranchera, for Hispanic customers looking for convenience.
  • Price beef competitively to appeal to price-sensitive Hispanic consumers.
  • Promote a Spanish-speaking butcher, if available, with signage that reads, “Carnicero que habla español en servicio/Spanish-speaking butcher available”
  • Always pay attention to Hispanic customers’ questions and needs, and learn from their beef requests and purchasing choices.

Cuts Hispanic Customers Enjoy

  • Thinly sliced meats– great for carne asada, milanesas and arracheras
    Flank (falda)
    Skirt (arrachera)
    Top sirloin (aguayón)
    Top loin (aguayón, lomo)
  • Value cuts from the chuck or round—great cuts for shredded beef dishes like ropa vieja
    Chuck roll or eye of chuck (diezmillo)
    Top blade steak (espaldilla)
    Round (bola, pulpa)
    Eye of round (cuete)
    Beef for kabobs (trocitos de carne)
    Ground beef for traditional dishes like picadillo, enchiladas and tacos
  • Hispanics associate redder, less-marbled meat with high quality and flavor, making Select Grade and even slightly lower grades ideal for stocking.

Order the dictionary of Hispanic Beef Cuts

Turning Insight into Action

In the toolbox to the right, you’ll find the program elements to increase beef sales with Hispanic shoppers. 

Program Benefits

  • Show your Hispanic customers that you understand and cater to their needs
  • Provide shoppers with valuable information and encourage word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Increase shopper engagement and loyalty
  • Increase number of shopping trips

Retailer Success Stories

In-market tests with select retailers in the Southwest, Midwest and Southeast evaluated the impact of our Hispanic Marketing program elements on consumer awareness and shopping behaviors. The results prove that regardless of the region point-of-sale and training meat department staff increase beef sales and attract new customers to the meat case.

Summaries of the in-market tests and spotlights on other retailer’s Hispanic marketing efforts are in the toolbox to the right.

Source: All information and tools developed using the Quantitative Hispanic Retail Shopper Study, 2007, funded by The Beef Checkoff Program.

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