Unlock Profit Opportunities with Nutrition Labeling

Leverage nutrition labeling requirements to increase customer loyalty and boost beef sales

Research shows that your customers want more nutrition information on fresh and processed meat, and recent changes to the USDA labeling guidelines reflect this trend. We’ve supported retailers with nutrition labeling programs for more than two decades. Tap our expertise to help your meat department benefit from labeling beef with its positive nutrition story.

Why focus on nutrition labeling?
What information matters to shoppers?
What are the potential benefits?
Any tips for a successful nutrition labeling program?
What resources can help me implement a nutrition labeling program?

Nutrition Ammunition

Our extensive research and in-market testing helped influence the mandatory nutrition labeling rule and revealed the positive impact nutrition labeling has on sales.

  • Studies show that on-pack nutrition labels increase beef sales up to 5.8%. 
  • 34% of consumers said they would be more likely to select a store based on the availability of nutrition information.
  • Pilot test results show that shoppers retain information from on-pack messaging. 
  • Studies show shoppers are more likely to buy beef to “just have on hand.”

The Consumer Consensus

Nutrition is top of mind with consumers. Shine a positive light on beef, and give your shoppers more reasons to make it their meal builder.

  • Your shoppers want more nutrition information on fresh meat, and say that in-store information increases awareness of beef’s healthfulness. 
  • Consumers want more information on beef’s key nutrients: protein and iron.
    78% of consumers and 88% of registered dieticians think the Nutrition Facts Panel should show all food-group-specific nutrients.

Labeling’s Benefits:

  • Communicates to your customers that you’ve heard their request for additional nutrition information and are responding.
  • Allows you to include nutrient claims in advertising and POS to assist your shoppers with making more positive nutrition choices.
  • Increases interaction and dwell time at the meat case.
  • Reinforces the nutritional benefits of beef to drive beef sales and consumption.

Best Practices for Nutrition Labeling Success

Give shoppers the information they crave with the Beef Checkoff’s tips for success.

  • Create “dual-declaration” nutrition labels
  • Include “cooked” nutritional data with the raw nutrition facts on-pack. Nearly 70 percent of consumers trim visible fat, so “cooked” nutritional data is more consumer-friendly.

Call out important micronutrients like zinc and B vitamins on beef labels

  • Three out of four consumers prefer a label that includes additional relevant vitamins and minerals found in meat and poultry.

Leverage nutrition labeling as a marketing opportunity

  • Promote beef’s nutrition at point of purchase, in ad circulars and shopper communications with compelling claims like “Excellent source of protein, lean beef here!”

Turning Insight into Action

In the toolbox to the right, you’ll find the program elements to educate your team and drive purchase intent among your customers.


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