Retail Pricing Matrix

Accurately Calculate Gross Margins and Determine Pricing

In an environment of rising commodity prices, it’s more important than ever to carefully and accurately manage your profit margins. Use this tool as a quick and easy reference tool to determine gross margin based on current costs and retail prices.

Continued volatility means that all segments of beef community should be prepared to aggressively manage for profit margins. Today’s market conditions requires retailers to quickly establish retail prices while accurately calculating gross margins on selected sub-primals of beef. Use the checkoff-funded Retail Pricing Matrix to offer your customers steaks and roasts at favorable prices that meet your gross margin targets and increase sales and profits. This matrix is based on common cutting techniques and retail cuts.

Pricing information is available on these sub primals:

  • Choice Top Sirloin Butt  
  • Choice Tenderloin PSMO  
  • Choice Short Loin Bone-In  
  • Choice Ribeye Lip-On Bone-In 
  • Choice Strip Loin Bone-In  
  • Choice Ribeye Roll Lip-On Boneless
  • Choice Strip Loin Boneless

Download the Retail Pricing Matrix

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