Engage Supermarket Dietitians to Drive Beef Sales

Consumers look to retailers for education on nutrition and health

Health and nutrition are top of mind for consumers and can be a barrier when deciding whether or not to purchase beef. With more dietitians working in supermarkets and consumers turning to them as trusted sources of nutrition information, there's an opportunity for meat departments and dietitians to work together to help consumers understand the meat case and the nutritional benefits of beef. 

Here are ideas on how to educate consumers about beef's positive health, nutrition and taste attributes. Use these tactics to make your meat case a destination for health-conscious shoppers and inspire them to purchase beef.

In-store Demos
Hold cooking and tasting demos in the meat department, led by a dietitian or meat team. Draw shoppers in with beef's aroma and taste, and engage them by sharing quick tips on beef's nutrition and versatility.

  • Select recipes that are quick and easy to prepare
  • Cross merchandise recipe ingredients near the demo station
  • Display recipe cards or meal ideas as a takeaway for shoppers
  • Provide demo staff with talking points and fun facts about beef and nutrition

Cooking Classes
Offer a free cooking class led by a dietitian or trained store associate to go more in-depth on preparation methods and beef’s nutrition in a hands-on setting.

  • Schedule cooking classes at different times of day to appeal to a range of shoppers
  • Prepare recipes that use common, convenient cooking methods
  • Inform attendees on the nutritional profile of the meal being prepared and how to pair it with fruits, vegetables and other nutritious sides
  • Educate attendees on the beef cut featured in the recipe, and why it works for the specific cooking method
  • Discuss the typical cost per portion to show that beef is budget-friendly
  • Package other ingredients featured and pantry essentials in a “to-go” bag for purchase to increase store-wide sales

Identify Recommended Beef Cuts
Designate a specific beef cut each week as the “RD’s Pick” or “RD-approved" to call attention to lean beef options in the meat case. Create a branded icon that the RD can use throughout the store, for aided awareness with shoppers.

  • Collaborate with the dietitian to spotlight a cut that is being featured that week
  • Display the "RD-approved" logo on pack or in signage or other POS
  • Include the pick-of-the-week in weekly circulars and featuring activity

RD-Endorsed Recipes & Handouts
Display recipes and materials at the point-of-sale; make it clear that they are endorsed by your store's corporate or in-store dietitian.

  • Include nutrition information for each recipe
  • Only promote recipes that fit shoppers' needs: quick and easy, family-friendly recipes that can be made with 6 or fewer ingredients
  • Provide handouts or links to online content about the more than 29 lean beef cuts and the nutrients found in beef

Menu Planning
Motivate consumers to shop for beef items outside of the 2-3 cuts they typically purchase by giving them menu plans and ideas centered around nutritious beef meals. Work with the dietitian to suggest beef recipes as part of his or her menu-planning materials.

  • Make meal plans available at the point-of-sale to reach shoppers - in addition to dietitians' client base
  • Help consumers understand how beef can be enjoyed for dinner, lunch and breakfast by offering a variety of recipes
  • Provide shopping lists for each recipe in the meal plan and list which aisle of the store the item can be found
  • List nutrition information along with the recipes to show how beef can be a part of an everyday, nutritious diet

In-Store Kiosks
For stores that use kiosks, add content about beef nutrition such as:

  • Recipes using lean beef cuts; include nutritionals and cost per serving
  • Cooking videos that are under 2 minutes, or a video of the dietitian sharing quick facts on beef and nutrition
  • An overview of the more than 29 lean beef cuts and the best cooking methods for each one

Here's How To Get Started
Refer to the toolbox to the right for resources stores can use to educate shoppers and staff about beef and help overcome purchase barriers like nutrition, convenience and value. For more information, contact us at RetailMarketing@Beef.org.

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