Thawing Ground Beef At-Home

Almost two-thirds of Ground Beef bought in your store goes straight into the consumer's freezer, leaving them with a quick, easy and safe way to thaw Ground Beef. The Beef Checkoff has developed a new approach that’s scientifically-proven to quickly and safely thaw Ground Beef in the microwave. Use this new infographic to teach shoppers this ground breaking method to thawing Ground Beef in the microwave in minutes. 

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What shoppers say about the new thawing method

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Consumer Feedback on the New Ground Beef Thawing Method

About 95 percent of consumers surveyed considered the microwave defrosting method very/relatively easy. Here's where they expect to find the steps to thawing Ground Beef:

Market Research Insights

  • About 62 percent of Ground Beef bought in stores goes straight into the freezer
  • The most common methods used to thaw Ground Beef is in the refrigerator or letting it sit at room temperature

  • 44 percent of consumers leave the Ground Beef in the original packaging when freezing it

  • 44 percent repackage in their own packaging, with the remainder doing a mix of original packaging and repackaging


Source: Ground Beef Answers, funded by the Beef Checkoff, March 2014.

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