Year Round Merchandising Best Practices

Guaranteed ways to attract shoppers to your meat case year-round

Beef comprises 51.1% of total meat department sales. Use these proven merchandising best practices to encourage shoppers to purchase beef to boost bottom line meat department sales.

Stock the Cuts Your Shoppers Want

Ensure the top-selling beef cuts for each season are available to maintain – and grow – meat department sales. To help, we have data on the most popular cuts by region and time of year: 

Top 10 Cuts
Category Reports

Feature Beef to Attract Shoppers With Any Budget

Retailers who continue to feature beef in their weekly ads, even if it’s not on sale, will drive meat case sales. Shoppers are more likely to buy more beef if they see it featured, even if the price is a little higher than six months ago and 78% of shoppers rely on advertising for meat specials.

Download featuring materials from the only industry resource for fresh beef images and recipes
Order seasonal point-of-sale materials for the meat case
Benchmark your beef featuring using the Monthly Sales & Featuring Summary Reports

Boost Consumers’ Beef Knowledge

Shoppers admit their cooking knowledge is marginal at best and 35% of consumers say they have little experience or knowledge on preparing beef. Share these popular resources to increase consumers’ cooking confidence. 

Confident Cooking with Beef
Interactive Butcher Counter
Beef Cuts Poster

Implement On-Trend Marketing Programs

We have the innovative programs to keep shoppers buying beef. These programs are designed to resonate with shoppers of all demographics and budgets. Whether a shopper wants to buy in bulk, buy a portion-sized beef cut, lives in a one-person household or in a Spanish-speaking household, or is looking for information on the nutritional content of beef, there is a program that addresses their needs and helps you sell more beef.

American Heart Association Certification Program
Bargain Beef Bundles
Beef Alternative Merchandising
Hispanic Marketing
On-Pack Nutrition Labeling
Slice ‘n Save

Position Your Meat Counter Team as Go-To Experts on Beef

Shoppers turn to the meat counter for advice on cut selection, cooking tips and beef knowledge. Use these training tools to arm your team with information on beef to assist consumers with their purchasing decisions.

Beef University
Better Beef Sales
Beef Cuts Poster

Offer Variety in the Meat Case

Now more than ever, the quality and state of the meat case is a crucial factor in shopper’s purchase decision-making. Having high quality meats and a “better” meat department than a competitor is a strong motivator for consumers choosing a store to shop at. Retailers must differentiate themselves by offering quality and a variety of beef items. Beef plays a significant role in this strategy – Beef has more cuts to offer than any other meat in the case.


Beef sales generate additional revenue by driving sales of complimentary products, like condiments and sides. Use cross-merchandising to feature related items so your customers can easily pick up all the items needed for their meal.

Leverage our Account Team to Transform and Pioneer Your Meat Case

The Beef Checkoff’s Strategic Account Team is your trusted partner on stimulating beef sales and building long-term beef demand. An account representative is assigned to each region; contact us to learn how to implement programs and solutions proven to drive bottom-line results.

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